Custom Web-Design and Development: The Ultimate Arsenal For Your Digital Presence

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“75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design.” –  web credibility research from Stanford

First impression is the last impression,” they say, and all our lives we’ve had this in our thought process.

As eloquent in its brevity, it is for humans, it is for other landscapes too.

Your website holds similar importance when any potential consumer interacts with your brand for the first time. A website forges the first impression of your brand, and it must be significant.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the importance of a website design and development, a custom website design to be specific, and how a custom web design can act as the right arsenal in your marketing plan.


What is a custom web design?

While you develop a website for your business, you have the option to go with an existing template or create a website based on your requirements. As the term ‘custom’ suggests, a custom web design is all about customizable elements and experiences that you want to incorporate into your business website. 

This includes customizations based on your unique brand personality, mission vision, the type of user experience you want to provide, the type of images or videos you want to deploy, and the placement of lead magnets on different parts of a web page.

In simple terms, custom web design services help you formulate the website of your dreams.


Why should your business opt for custom web design?

As we discussed, a website sets the first impression for your brand. And to stand out from the crowd, you need a UNIQUE identity that sets your brand apart from the rest in your niche.

In a world full of common templatized websites, a custom web design helps you attain the perfect blend of your taste, your brand’s novelty, and the experience you desire to provide for your audience.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a custom web design for your business:

  1. It sets a unique identity and style guide for your brand
  2. Forges the right first impression
  3. Builds more credibility and site authority
  4. Helps your brand stand out from competitors
  5. Fully customizable according to your business needs
  6. Improves User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  7. It symbolizes your professionalism
  8. Performs better on search engines
  9. Solid navigation and responsiveness
  10. Creates a personalized buyer’s journey


5 Easy ways to build your custom website (Design + Development)



1.Marvel app (FREE & Paid)

Give your imagination a visual form by creating wireframes, design, prototypes with a super easy-to-use Marvel app.

2.Figma (FREE & Paid)

Looking for a fresh platform to create compelling UI and UX web design and prototypes? Look no further. Figma has all the powerful feature-packed capabilities to aid you in this.



1.WordPress (FREE & Paid)

User-friendly, easy navigation, brilliant plugins are a few terms that we often associate while appreciating this platform for creating top-notch websites. And as easy as it is to use, it is for customizing your website too. You can easily create a custom website with WordPress without even having website management knowledge.


  • You can customize only to an extent
  • Requires services from an experience web-developer
  • Vulnerable to hackers
  • Require regular maintenance with new updates

2.Wix (FREE & Paid)

With ease of use, drag and drop editor, and WordPress-like functionalities, Wix is a super-efficient option for hosting and creating a custom website.


  • Once you choose a template, it’s not completely changeable
  • You may face some site loading time issues

3.Weebly (FREE & Paid)

Weebly is an intuitive platform to create and host attractive and responsive websites. It offers you easy customizations and affordable options to build a website smoothly.


  • Customizes website only to some extent
  • Limited plugins
  • May have some glitches


Claruz Digital helps you craft the website of your vision!

It’s quite evident from the above-mentioned points that a website creates the most significant perception for your brand, and if it’s a custom website, you have the power to direct your audience to the perception of your choice.

Not only this, but it also is capable of taking your digital presence and marketing results to a whole new vertical.

We at Claruz Digital understand the thrust of your first impression, and we ensure that this first impression turns out to be a long-term conversion for your brand.

Our web design and development team is solely focused on crafting top-notch and responsive websites that help you boost your business, drive more traffic to your website, generate more revenue, and get better ROI.

Claruz Digital is one of the most cost-efficient custom web design and development agencies in India to provide the best UI/UX design services.

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Think smart, create unique!

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