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5X Increase In Paid Course Enrollments For World’s Largest
Engineering Ed-tech Platform

Highlights: Average customer value of: $100 | Reach and engagement increased 20X

The Need:

EDS Technologies is a well-established company amongst its customer base. Their brainchild EDST E-Learning lacked an engaging social media presence & course enrollments across India and abroad. They wanted to improve their digital presence to reach their target audience and generate more business.

Our Engagement:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Webinar
  • Backlinks
  • PPC
  • Lead Generation

A 1-Year Lead Generation Campaign For The E-Learning Business

Our Solution:

We formulated the perfect blend of marketing expertise, data insights, and design elements to craft an effective social media marketing plan. The prime objective was to reach and engage the audience who were already searching for this solution and explain how EDST e-learning will be the right fit for them.

An Out-and-Out Segmentation:

We created an Ads strategy by promoting industry-specific courses for Mechanical, Electrical, and Mining Engineering separately. We also split buyers’ persona into two – students and working professionals to leverage the messaging to the potential customers who were ready to convert. 


  • Avg course purchase increased by 10X
  • Website bounce rate decreased by 20%
  • User Registrations for (Paid +Free) course increased 5X
  • We created results with 60% less than industry standards
  • Followers increased by 1.5X
  • Average reach per post increased by 4X
  • Reach and engagement increased by 20X
  • Average customer value of $100

Key Outcome: 5X User Registrations (Free + Paid) | 4X ROI increased


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