Digital Marketing Vs COVID-19 : 5 Reasons Why It Is ‘Need Of The Hour’ For Every Business in 2020

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‘Creativity and innovation is the heart and soul of any business.’

And, to grow most fruitfully, you should know the right technique and the right platform to reach your potential customers.

Nevertheless, traditional means of marketing are probably getting outdated or have their limitations and thus companies or brands are moving to digital mediums to connect with their target audience.

Why Digital Marketing?

We are undeniably living in a digital world, surrounded by digital devices, technology, and what not for that matter.

We all check out our phones as soon as we wake up, don’t you?

Don’t lie, we all do.

“Around 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, which is basically 59% of the global population.”


Well, it is.

Which brings me to the conclusion (without even explaining) why we need digital marketing.

The fact here is, almost every one of your potential customers is now online and you have the golden chance to reach their screens and be their choice before your competitors.

Digital Marketing Vs COVID-19

We are all aware of the fact that 2020 has been an unprecedented vicious cycle that has changed everything around.

And fortunately or unfortunately, COVID-19 has resulted in almost a quarter of the world’s population staying indoors due to lockdown.

With an increased number of people staying home, people are now online more than ever before.

“The pandemic has pushed up internet usage by 70% and streaming by 12%.”

Isn’t that a huge upturn?

This has also increased the challenges for digital marketers to keep going with even more efficiency and better content.

Now that you have an even wider audience influx on the internet and social media, it is also mandatory to boost up your business for online presence.

5 Reasons Why Going Digital Is ‘Need Of The Hour’ For Every Business

The more the opportunities, the more dedication is required to achieve your goals.

Lockdown across the globe has not only resulted in people staying indoors but also businesses getting stalled, physical stores getting closed and revenue getting even deficit for many companies.

People are losing their jobs, graduates getting no employment opportunities, and the economy falling explicitly.

This makes digital marketing a paramount factor to keep your business strong and engage your customers through various online platforms.

1.People are more active on digital platforms 

As mentioned above, there’s a huge increase in the number of internet users during COVID-19.

You have the opportunity to engage with your potential customers more proficiently.

But, it is important to keep in mind that your content is standing out from the competitors and resonating with your buyer’s persona. To know how to create unique content you can refer to our article-


Bring life to your online presence and marketing strategies.

2.People need relevant content for their leisure time

People are now looking for distractions to fill their leisure time.

Be the one that can catch their eyes and keep them engaged in your brand and services.

Be creative, create that is interesting and that can reduce their boredom.

No matter what services and products you’re providing, your content should never be of pure hard selling but something that can engage the customers.

3.Go visible, Build your brand

“Something is better than nothing.”

If you can’t sell your products directly, at least focus on building your brand.

The more you engage with the audience, the more you enhance your online visibility, and the more you build your brand awareness.

Intimidate with your audience, engage them, and eventually try to convert them into your leads.

The best part about digital marketing is that you can create a real-time bond with your potential customers and thus increase your brand’s authority.

4.Build a regular audience base, Gain followers

Once you build your brand on digital platforms, make sure to be consistent in your strategies and thus gaining followers.

A regular audience base is not only your followers but also acts as a ‘word of mouth’ facet for your brand.

The better you influence them, the better are your chances to be referred or chosen.

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to gain more customers and leads without actually hard-selling your brand./.

If customers resonate with you, they will refer your products and services to their friends and family.

Be the trust, gain authority.

5.Digital marketing is a long-term investment to your business

Last but certainly not the least, digital marketing is indeed a long-term investment to your business.

The better you build your brand online, the more fruitful digital marketing will prove for your business.

After all, 59% of the world population is on the internet, what can be a better platform to build your business strategies?

Be consistent and invest your heart and soul to be the most creative version of yourself while influencing your potential customers.


We are heading to a time where in the coming years all the brands and businesses will be online ( there are already 12-24 million businesses online).

It’s always better to begin at the right time.

So, make sure your business is online and taking advantage of such a wide audience platform.