Papa John’s Pizza


Tripled sales, seven times the ROI
for a leading US pizza chain

Highlights: Average CPC: $1.8 | Industry standard: $3.08 | Avg impression 530k

The need:

Papa John’s, a leading American restaurant franchise, was looking to increase their business for their Princeton, Sherman and Denison locations.  

What we did:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • GDN Banner
  • Push Notifications
  • Offline Activation Idea

A Two Week Brand Impact Campaign

The strategy:

One of the major challenges Papa John’s faced in these locations was making their pizzas the obvious choice for customers when they decide to order food. 

Defining the target audience for each location and determining the best outreach were priorities. The competitors were attracting more customers as they were creating more campaigns with multiple offers. 

Our strategy was to create campaigns that showed the audience how Papa John’s cared about the community and why it is the best place to cherish special moments.

Offer-driven campaigns:

  • A 2-week campaign around St. Valentine’s Day, with customized designs for social media and specific offers for teachers, veterans, students, families and homemakers. 
  • Campaigns focused around creating positive reviews and check-ins for the location. 

Targeted marketing

  • Creating a marketing funnel to narrow down the target audience to a strong set.
  • Retargeting customers that had already engaged with the brand, with offers and offer ads.
  • Using clean, attractive and appealing designs on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.


  • Increased footfall in all 3 stores.
  • A significant increase in online sales at each of the locations.
  • Avg Impression: 530K
  • Average CPC: $1.8
  • Industry Standard: $3.08
  • Average reach per post increased by 4X
  • Reach and engagement increased by 3X

Key outcome: 2.7x Sales and 7x ROI


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