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Did you know? Marketing strategies have superpowers too.

Google please show shop ‘near me’ or my location. 

we all must have searched in this pattern once in our lifetimes.

haven’t we? 

That’s where local SEO plays its part.

While all the businesses are running behind optimizing their websites for search engines and crawlers, hardly anyone has ever thought of optimizing it for a local search result. 

isn’t it?

Well, what is Local SEO? 

Local SEO (local search engine optimization) is an incredible way of promoting your local business online. It helps a local or multi-location business be visible to potential customers who are looking for their business in their locality online. These listings are shown in local search results when there’s a query with local intent. 

A standard local SERP would have a ‘local pack’ which is the block of three business listing that appears below the map in the displayed search result.

According to Google, 46% of the searches have local intent. 

This means that if your website is well ranked on a local search result, you are on the right track towards getting desired success.


Must have checklist while doing local SEO

Now that we know the magical powers of Local SEO, we definitely should follow a checklist for doing it the right way.

1. Up-to-date Google my business profile

All the info that appears in the local pack comes from Google my business profile. This includes extensive information related to your business such as name, address, contact number, offers, etc. A huge part of local SEO is played by maintaining an updated knowledge graph. This makes customers briefer about your business and can give higher chances of clickthrough. 

2. Building citations

Citations are places where your NAPW ( name, address, phone number, website URL) appears together, basically an online directory or business listings. 

Citations are widely known as “table stakes” for local SEO, without which you can play the game. This should be the fundamental aspect of your local SEO strategy.

This not only increases your visibility online but also improve your search rankings.

3. Localize your website 

Localizing your website means include a host of information of business relating to location and country. This could help in search rankings based on location.

4. Manage the reviews and ratings

Honest and genuine reviews can not only showcase the quality of your product and services but also improve your search rankings that your business is trustworthy and relevant.

5. Make your business credible

It’s important to familiarize yourself with three core elements of local SEO. Proximity, relevance, and prominence can help you achieve the desired results.

Make sure your business is close to the searcher. Assure the relevancy of your products to the search query. And finally, maintain the reviews and feedbacks given by your customers.

Interesting right?

While you can ace local SEO by following this simple checklist, you must also know these interesting facts about local SEO:

  • 72% of the searchers will visit the store within five miles of where they are with local search. 
  •  61% of searchers who find you on a mobile phone will contact your business.
  • Google Maps is used by 86% of people to look up a local business.
  • According to Google search statistics, there is a 500% increase in “near me” searches that also has the words “can I buy” or “buy.” which means your potential customers are looking for you right now. 

So now that you know about the superpowers of local SEO, wouldn’t you want to try it and see it work for you?