5 Industries That Can Maximize Their Growth & ROI With Digital Marketing in 2021 ft. Claruz Digital

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Ever wondered why digital marketing is the choicest of all the marketing models?

It’s because of the experience and lasting impact that it yields.

Take any of the digital advertisements for that matter. 

Or let us give you a cordial instance by reminiscing you of any latest Youtube or social media ads that you have come across.

Okay! We can see you immediately recalled one, isn’t it?


It’s because of the compelling nature of digital mediums that instantly forge a locus in your mind.

It is also because of the data and traceability of digital ads and the fact that it helps you re-target your potential consumers with precision and with the content they seek the most.

That’s the power of digital marketing.

Other factors that make digital marketing so popular are its effectiveness, cost-efficient tools and tactics, facilitated performance tracking, proven results, and most importantly, understanding your consumers better than ever.

Digital marketing offers you some most efficient and proven services such as SEO, PPC, Custom website design and development, PPC or paid advertising, Brand building and awareness, Social media management, link building, targeted lead generation, and a lot more.

All business models can utilize digital marketing for achieving their business goals but we’ve made a list of 5 industries that can maximize their growth & ROI with digital marketing in 2021, keeping in mind the current dynamic economic conditions.

And if your business falls under any of these categories, this is going to be a super apropos piece of content that you’re going to read today.

1. Healthcare and Medical Industry


This had to top the list of industries because healthcare is changing so dynamically.

People are looking for the convenience of meeting their doctors and healthcare providers at the ease of their digital devices.

“77% of online health seekers use Google, Bing, and other search engines to look for health-related information” – Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

Through digital marketing, healthcare businesses can strongly position themselves in the digital space, promote and grow their hospitality services more efficiently, and build tenfold trust amongst the patients with the help of relevant ratings and reviews.

2.Travel and Tourism Industry


What’s the first thing we do while planning our vacays and staycations?

Go online, look for the best transport option, search for the best resorts and hotels in that destination, check for the prices, and make a booking.


But most importantly – GO ONLINE and do it all. Because that’s where our comfort zone is.

“By 2023, 700 million people will be booking their hotel stays online.source

Through digital marketing, you get a myriad of opportunities to highlight your services on search engines, engage with your customers on social media platforms, use data to personalize the travel experience for your customers, get genuine reviews, and whatnot.


3.Retail Industry


From fast food to clothing, consumers are demanding every service and product detail to be present at the touch of their fingertips.

“81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying.” – GE Capital Retail Bank

If you’re running a retail business, no matter small-scaled or established, digital marketing is surely going to amp up your marketing game entirely in 2021.


With potent digital marketing tactics, you can understand your consumer demand better, build a strong community, grow your brand, and boost your revenue.


4.Education Industry


We are sure that by now you must’ve taken a handful of online certifications with upskilling courses online.

After all, who doesn’t like learning new skills at their own pace and the convenience of their home.

“85% of students think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience.” – The National Center for Education Statistics

Be it promoting your e-learning courses or just establishing an effective online engagement with your prospective students, digital marketing has the best set of weapons for you.




Yes-yes, we know these do not fall under a specific industry but rather different sets of niches fall under this.

And while we talk about the efficacy of digital marketing in 2021, we definitely wouldn’t overlook encompassing startups as one of the business models that can accelerate and expand their brand with digital marketing.


Consumers love interacting with new brands, trying them out, and eventually sharing them with their connections.


As a startup, it’s super important to have a rock-solid and responsive website, social media presence, and an efficient communication channel that can attract leads.

“Out of 1000 startups, 69.6% make active use of Facebook, email marketing was the second most common at 64.1%, 52.4% use direct mail, 48.3% use Instagram and 47% use Twitter.source

A dedicated team of marketing professionals can take your startup to a whole new level with the right marketing strategies. Don’t miss that out in 2021.


Well, that’s all for our list of 5 Industries that can surely stimulate their business expansion, boost ROI, and maximize their growth with digital marketing in 2021. 

Which industry does your business fall into? And what are your thoughts about digital marketing? Do let us know in the comments below.