How To Build An Audience On LinkedIn: 3 Simple Ways To Make Headway!

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We are here again with another rejoinder to a poll questionnaire conducted a few weeks ago that had the majority of people opting for ‘How to build an audience’ as the next topic for our blog post.


Building an audience on any platform is the most action-packed yet challenging part of a marketing venture. And if it’s about LinkedIn, we know how crucial it is for businesses now.

While we all want a community of millions, we also don’t desire them as a freebie. We want to earn it, build it, and grow it with the intrinsic value proposition and strategic steps.

Marketing rarely drives overnight success but builds a strong foundation to pay off your efforts in the future. Let’s look at the 3 ways to make headway in building an audience on LinkedIn.

1. Define Your Goals & Content Roadmap

Engagement Targets

Delivery Goals & Timelines

Content Format & Frequency

We suggest starting by defining your goals and setting a content roadmap. It includes figuring out what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn presence, who your target engagement is, what you aim to deliver, what content formats you’d like to publish, and how frequent would that be.

You can develop a content roadmap based on the phase, funnel, and type of your business. It can vary from a short-term roadmap (1 week – 1 month) to a long-term roadmap (3 months – 6 months) depending upon what’s working the best for you.

Once you set the goal, you can measure it over time and tweak it accordingly.

2. Deliver Quality Over Quantity

Keep It Readable & Relevant

Make It Engaging

Interact & Communicate

Yes, posting content frequently is crucial to your LinkedIn presence, but it’s equally important to prioritize quality over quantity. Posting one quality content would work favorably than five mediocre posts.

LinkedIn is more than just building a community and set of followers. It’s become a vital platform to connect with new people, interact with them, and build your identity amongst them. Always remember that you’re writing for humans, and it has to resonate with them.

Share your unique perspective and aura amongst your audience, tell them about your experiences or lessons learned, share a story, ask questions, try contests, etc to know what they love consuming.

Digital platforms have empowered us to know our audience better and easily track their interests and deliver content according to real-time data insights. When you try and test different content formats, you’ll automatically know what is it that your connections love to see and hear.

3. Measure & Act On LinkedIn Page Insights

Check Engagement Metrics

See What’s Converting

Review & Improvize

Now that you’ve set a content roadmap and started posting content, it’s time that you visit your LinkedIn page insights at regular intervals. It will provide you with actionable data on the number of people who’ve seen your post, how many of them interacted with it, their demographics, likes and shares, and almost all things that you’d need to strategize better for the next time.


Key Takeaways

  • Before you jump on to build an audience, define your LinkedIn goals and what you want to achieve with it.
  • Set a content roadmap/calendar/schedule to move forward with a clear picture.
  • Review your plans, strategies, and content formats over time.
  • Focus on delivering quality.
  • Try and test with multiple content formats.
  • If looking for immediate results, try paid promotions.
  • Measure and track your performance and fill in the missing gaps.
  • And most importantly, stay consistent.


Building your audience, engaging them, and retaining them is a constant expedition in which reaching the destination is a bit tricky yet achievable. Continue to cater to your audience preferences and their pain points, and you’ll surely see the results in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

“You Can’t Buy Engagement, You Have To Build Engagement.” – Tara-Nicholle Nelson

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