Essential Or Optional? Debunking 5 Digital Marketing Myths That Every Business Owner Should Stop Believing

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The marketing sphere has evolved radically over the past few decades.

Commercials that were once broadcasted on traditional digital devices such as Tv, radios, telephone books have now been overtaken by coherent digital advertising channels such as search engines, social media, emails, etc that provide a broader and maximized reach to potential consumers.

Whenever there’s an emerging or even established concept, there are certain myths associated with it. Myths often are more predominant than facts and if it’s about digital marketing, you must have been encountering them in abundance.

But when there’s a myth, there’s a fact.

In this article, we are going to debunk some of the most prevalent digital marketing myths that every business owner should stop believing.

MYTH 1 – Website Creation Is All It Takes

Are you the one who thought the same?

Websites are indeed a paramount element in your digital presence but, a website alone cannot drive your digital marketing plan.

Fact – Digital marketing is a creative blend of various digital platforms and channels to drive a successful digital strategy.

Any one of those missing channels can result in an ineffective outcome.

Apart from these mandatory elements in your marketing plan, the following factors are a prerequisite to ensure that your website is driving your marketing strategy in the right direction:

  • Frequent website audits
  • Content updations
  • Check for technical glitches and error
  • SSL certificate
  • Site credibility and authority

MYTH 2- Your Industry Is Too Boring For Social Media


Trust us, NO!

‘It’s too boring’, said no audience ever if targeted spot on.

From branding to conversions, Social media has all the potential of getting the desired results for your business. It’s just the matter of picking the right platform for it.

Fact – In a world full of people researching everything online before a purchase, no product or service is incapacitated of acquiring leads and generating conversions.

Here are a few things you should take note of to succeed in promoting your brand on social media:

  • Understand your niche
  • Understand which platform works the best for your niche 
  • Target and Retarget based on specific audience demographics 
  • Make use of social shops
  • Engage with your audience

MYTH 3- Advertising To A Wider Audience Is The Best Bet

Well, the most powerful USPs of digital marketing are the data analytics and traceability of digital ads and the fact that you can re-target your potential consumers with precision.

With that being said,

Fact– It’s always about QUALITY rather than QUANTITY in digital marketing. Your business doesn’t merely need ‘leads’, it needs ‘targeted leads’ that are ready to convert.

Ensure that all your marketing campaigns and strategies revolve around a precisely targeted audience. To understand your target audience better:

  • Understand your offerings – who does it concern
  • Conduct a good market research
  • Build customer persona and segment them
  • Analyze your previous campaigns

MYTH 4 – Content Marketing Is Only About Creating & Publishing Content

No matter how marvelous and novel your content is, if it is not reaching the right audience, all your efforts culminate to zero.

Fact– An effective content marketing plan should always be complemented with an effective promotional strategy. Only then, it reaches the target audience and generates desired results.

Follow these simple steps to make your content marketing successful:

  • Create original and relevant content
  • Figure out the best content channels
  • Alert your audience via emails and social media
  • Measure results
  • Repurpose your content in different content forms

MYTH 5- Digital Marketing Is Low-cost & Inexpensive

The most prevalent myth about digital marketing is that it’s cheaper and low cost than traditional marketing. 

While it is true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that your digital marketing strategy can sustain with zero budgets and investments.

FactDigital marketing is not low-cost than traditional marketing, it’s just more accessible and provides higher returns on your investment. It gives you real-time data and traceability to understand your consumer behaviour better, that no traditional media can provide.

Digital marketing is capable of providing higher ROI than any other form of marketing, keeping into account that your strategy and content have to be equally complementing.

Don’t fall for the myth. Understand the facts and plan your budgets smartly and you will see the results.

Final Thoughts

Myths may or may not take a place in your mind, but the facts definitely should. If you had or have encountered any of these digital marketing myths, we hope we cleared it all for you. 

Do share this with your friends and business owners you think might get benefited from this.

Go digital, Go smart!